Learning, Thinking, and Living into a Deeper and More Vibrant Faith

NIS Vital Congregations Project

Vital congregations do three things, (1) Strengthen their relationship with God; (2) Nurture relationships; (3) Build relationships in their community and in the world. This initiative is an eight-session workshop designed to heighten a congregation’s relationships with God, one another, and the world around us.

Gatherings focus on Seven Faith Practices: Worship, Pray, Invite, Study, Give, Serve and Encourage. Leaders take each workshop back to the congregation contextualizing the learning to meet the congregation’s needs.


    1. Scripture
    2. Faith Practices/Marks of Discipleship education
    3. “Beyond Maintenance to Mission,” Dr. Craig Nessan
    4. Conversation/cohorts
    5. Congregational teams
    6. Congregational learning
    7. Congregational Vitality Survey


All costs for the process are covered by grants from the ELCA and the Northern Illinois Synod. Congregations are responsible for the cost of the Vitality Survey.

More information? Contact Pr. Gary Erickson, gerickson@nisynod.org