Synod Council

Vice President: Minnette Scott
Secretary: Rev. Donald Knowles
Treasurer: Tammie Farley

Our Mission/Purpose: The Synod Council is the Board of Directors of the Synod and serves as the interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. It makes decisions which are not in conflict with actions taken by the Synod Assembly or which are not precluded by provisions of the Synod Constitution and Bylaws or the Constitution and Bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Our Current Mission is: To provide for the services outlined in the Synod Constitution. To maintain an adequate staff and organizational committees, to attain a prudent financial reserve, and to recommend program goals and budgets. Also to increase outreach to and participation of our minority brothers and sisters.

To develop opportunities for additional support of Synod ministries through the newly established Synod Endowment Fund which will help strengthen the Synod in years to come.

In partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we will assess the possibilities for new mission starts, and work to establish and help fund mission congregations.

In looking at outreach possibilities, we will assess other ministries and programs and provide opportunities for participation and service by our people. We will be cognizant of the ELCA and Synod inclusiveness goals.

A Brief History: The Synod was formed in June 1987 at its Constituting Convention at Augustana College. The office is located in the Luther Center building, 103 West State Street, Rockford. The current staff includes the Bishop, four assistants (one shared with the ELCA Division for Outreach, one shared with ELCA Division for Congregational Ministries, and one half-time position), one Youth Coordinator (one-quarter time), one Secretary to the Bishop, one Receptionist/Secretary, one Secretary (Rock Island Synod office), one Bookkeeper/Secretary, and a seventeen member council (4 officers, 1 youth representative, and 12 at-large members).

Members will be Expected to: Attend Synod Assembly, Synod Council, and Conference meetings. Also participate in debates, serve on various Synod Council committees, articulate Synodical policies and goals, participate in and, when asked, lead devotions for Synod Council meetings, and abide by the Constitution of the Synod. Prayer and Christian concern are expected to be shown towards all who serve together as members of the Synod Council.